Hazards and Challenges

To create an engaging and dynamic gaming experience, players must overcome a variety of hazards and challenges throughout their adventure:

  • Cube Counterattacks: Some cubes possess powerful defenses and will retaliate if struck improperly, damaging Stove and his mining rig weapon.

  • Tax Auditors: Certain cubes, when destroyed, unleash relentless tax auditors that chase and harass players. If a player's health reaches zero, they are temporarily locked out of the game, creating a sense of urgency and risk.

  • Environmental Hazards: The surface of Zerith-9 poses unique challenges, including the potential for fall damage from high elevations and the risk of running out of oxygen while exploring the vacuum of space.

  • Time Pressure: As the Stellar Scavengers race against time to unlock the Metacube's secrets, players must optimize their strategies and make calculated decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

By overcoming these challenges, players progress through the game, acquiring valuable blockchain data and NFTs that will ultimately determine their success in Metacube.

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